Sunday, February 04, 2007

Meet the Press, John Edwards, and D Candidates for President

This has been discussed here once or twice before, but I think is worthy of comment again now that most of the announcements regarding candidacy have been made amongst the Ds. Today on Meet the Press, Russert kicked off his "Meet the Candidates" series with Joe Edwards who is throwing his hat in the ring once again for the Democrat's nomination for Presidential Candidate. I'm looking forward to the series, but wondered why with so many amazing candidates (Hillary, Barak, Joe B.) why Russert would start with Edwards, who I think is easily the weakest candidate in the bunch.

I have to say that I have never been impressed with Edwards. He strikes me as unwilling to take a solid stand on any issue, preferring too often to go with the winds of change rather than leading the trends. I always want him to just come out and say what he means, or at the very least sound like what he's saying is actually what he means. He's wishy-washy, weak, and pandering and lacks charisma despite all the claims in the media during the last election that he was reminiscent of JFK with his youth and good looks (eh, I'm not impressed on that front either).

So a question (or two): If Edwards were the presidential candidate for the Dems, would you vote for him?

And what do you all think about a recurrent discussion of each candidate as they come up on Meet the Press?

Other random thoughts:
1-- I finished knitting a scarf this morning, which I had started months and months and months ago and lost interest in. When it's done blocking and I've finished knitting the matching hat (possibly) I'll share :)

2-- I watched Who Killed the Electric Car last week and thought it was a pretty good film. Anyone else see it? It's one of the few places I've seen people really compare hydrogen fuel with electric fuel (and the politicking behind that).



At 1:04 PM, Blogger lobstah said...

To be honest, none of the possible candidates has really piqued my interest yet. Hillary is a bit too conservative for my tastes. Obama...I'm a little disappointed in some of things he voted for in congress, but he does have great charisma. Edwards, I like his populist slant but as you say he doesn't seem to have figured out a strong position yet (to be fair, this is a common problem amongst all candidates in both parties!). I don't know much about Joe Biden so can't comment on him.

Actually, I was a Russ Feingold fan but he declined to run. :(

I'd be interested in seeing future discussions on the candidates. I will certainly be voting for the Dem candidate over the Republican candidate no matter what!

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Bev said...

well, I don't think he has the courage of his convictions....or has no real convictions...pick one. I did not like him the last time around, didn't think he was a good vice presidental candidate. (and NO WAY is he JFK -- even importantly, he's not Bobbie either)

If he is THE candidate, I'll probably vote for him, simply because I can't think the Republicans will be able to come up with a candidate I would even consider voting for.

I would also say that sometimes I feel like neither party really addresses the real needs in this country, partly because they need to spend so much time doing fund raising instead of speaking to the issues.

I'd love to see this become "open forum" on the candidates too.

At 4:53 PM, Blogger Life&Times said...

I agree that neither party tends to really address the issues; and when you find a candidate who is elected and tries to do so (i.e. Bill Clinton in '92) they are forced into the moderation camp if they want to get anything done (i.e. Bill Clinton in '94-'96 and beyond). I personally tend to lean toward the Green party, but am forced by circumstances to vote Democrat because of the way the 2-party system works here.

And Lobstah-- Joe Biden is really a great potential candidate. And now that he's running, I'm really torn between him and Barrak Obama. Both are excellent speakers, charismatic (though Biden carries more authority and weight behind his words because of his lengthy service in Congress-- definately a candidate to consider).

At 7:51 AM, Blogger Bev said... about Biden/Obama.....

At 4:23 PM, Blogger renee said...

I actually like John Edwards more than you do. If he was the candidate I'd have no problem with voting for him. I've always been a big Biden fan, but he can never seem to step out of his own way - his stupid comments about Obama are just the latest misstep.

I loved "Who Killed the Electric Car". It's something that's really stayed with me, even though I saw it last summer.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger the nut said...

Biden also authored the Violence Against Women Act and pushed it and has renewed it 2 or 3 times since then. This is why I'm torn between him and Obama, too, because they both have a strong sense of issues against most women and work to help us out.

I get cranky at the 2 party system at times and wish the greens would get to have more pull and we'd stop being so damned anal and divisive (as a whole). I tend to be much more of a socialist myself so often it's the Dem candidate or no one. Since I can't not vote, I go blue everytime regardless.

Hey, I had the asshat Allen as my Senator and Warner is up for reelection next year. Maybe Virginia will be completely blue for the first time in so so long!!


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