Sunday, January 21, 2007

A quicky

You know what's really neat?

When you're sitting in the waiting room at Social Services and an older man is watching you knit the ribbing of a navy blue hat and asks correctly, "Is that going to be a hat?"

Then he asks, "Are you from here?"

After a brief hesitation, you answer, "Yes."

Then he adds, "People around here don't knit as much as they used to. When you go to Ireland or Europe they knit up a storm but here, it's a shame they don't knit much anymore."

Hah! How cool is that?



At 4:01 AM, Blogger Marianne said...

That was VERY cool!

At 7:50 AM, Blogger Emma said...

Ha! Very cute.

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Kate A. said...

Awwwwww! Now that's heart-warming.

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Kimmer said...

A similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I had just dropped my car off to get new tires and was waiting to be picked up, so I took out the bag I was working on and whipped out a few rows while waiting. An older man stopped in the driveway, saw what I was doing, and mentioned that he doesn't see enough young people doing that any more. He asked me how long I've been knitting, and when I said I learned when I was 8 he said, "Good for you! Keep going!"

Two things made me smile. First, he clumped me in as being one of the "young people" :) Secondly, he thinks knitting is a good thing.

I take my knitting everywhere I go if I know I'm gonna be sitting somewhere for a while. Heck, I even took it with me to football games this year; other knitters started doing the same as the season progressed.

Knitting in public is a good thing :)

At 7:46 PM, Blogger the nut said...

I knit so much everywhere I go my son has started to show increasing interest in it. Yay!

Today I was in Staples knitting while my friend looked for the things he needed.

Heck, I take an easy project with me to Busch Gardens and/or Kings Dominion, especially when I'm with my son and niece because I'm left there waiting while they are on rides, waiting to get on rides, etc. Sometimes the lines can be very long for adult rides, too, so at least I am accomplishing something while standing for 1 or 2 hours. (People look at me like I'm nuts though which is equally as entertaining.)

At 5:34 AM, Blogger NASCAR Nut said...

What was so funny was that after Staples we went to another store, and Nut didn't realize that she had dropped her project while walking around the back of the car. As we are entering the store, I notice something out of the corner of my eye. There was a trail of yarn suspended across some bushes and over the road in front of the store. Nut was rapidly winding while I tried to hold the yarn above the ground, and while we both giggled our butts off. It was a sight to see. We had made it at least 50 feet. Lol :)


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