Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On being Blue and Green.....

I haven't seen Al Gore's movie, but I have read the book, and those pictures are very sobering.

We're trying to live "green" here in what I alternately call "poudunkville" and "the state of the american taliban".....

Just about every light bulb in our house is a compact twirly flouresent -- actually I was quite pleased that we can get full spectrum ones for about the same price as the others now, and as an artist that full spectrum light is a real blessing when I'm working on a project.

The area we live in will not recycle anything except newspaper ... no cardboard, no glass, no lawn waste, etc., etc., etc. Believe me, its been a real culture shock after having lived in California for 30 years where we recycled EVERYTHING! We try to reduce and reuse as much as we can.

The most amazing thing here tho', is the reaction I get when I take my cloth bags into the grocery store, the pharmacy, etc. Most of the time I get no hassel, but at one particular store here there is a clerk who seems to think I do this just to give him a bad time. Someone explain to me how its any harder to put the groceries in a cloth bag instead of a plastic one! I'm actually thinking I may need to acquire a few more cloth bags for those shopping outings......perhaps one to carry into the local Joanns or Michaels when I go and buy yarn or fabric!

Can't wait to see what "idiotness" we get from tonight's State of the Union.....I'm sure it will be foder for Letterman's "Great Presidential Speaches" segment!


At 5:59 PM, Blogger the nut said...

I'm going to watch it, mostly because there isn't anything else on since this is "such a big deal."

I'm going to try to put some quotes up on my blog - liberal bias highlights if you will. Maybe I'll post them here, too.

At 7:38 PM, Blogger lobstah said...

Heh, I live in the middle of nowhere and the cashiers kind of pick on our canvas bags too. But more in a jokey, nice way :)


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