Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Re-knitting blues

A while back I made my husband this lovely blue sweater.

Yesterday as I was folding the laundry and getting ready to put it back into the drawer he said "can you make those cuffs shorter and a little tighter?"

Ok....let me think.....do I have ANY idea where this pattern might be -- nope
do I have ANY of this yarn left over -- nope

And here's the tricky part -- the sleeves were knit from the shoulder down -- making them longer would be a snap -- shorter? not so much

Ah well, we need a knitting challenge every now and then, don't we?

So, here in the picture I have run one of my shorter circular needles through a row (hopefully evenly) in preparation for cutting (CUTTING!!!!) into my knitting

I can report (but not show, the batteries in my camera died at an inopportune moment) that the cutting, while tramatic, was successful, and I have begun the reknitting.....

I'll keep y'all posted


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