Saturday, September 22, 2007

another sign of an administration gone amuck

Even though we have no small children at home, and no grandchildren that aren't teenagers, I am appalled by the Mattel situation.

Our administration has been so controlled by the whining of big business and the whole "fair trade" with China thing, that now a big company like Mattel, after sending all of the manufacturing jobs off shore feels it must apologize to CHINA!?

What the....?

We are declaring that there will be no Mattel products purchased by use for anyone for any reason by our household.

Lets resurrect the hand made by crafters SAFE more lead paint, no more toxic chemicals...

Afterall, we are a group of KNITTERS aren't we?

(please feel free to use my "no Mattel" graphic where ever you would like!)


At 10:19 AM, Blogger Life&Times said...

As a rule, I have nothing against boycotts. I haven't eaten at McDonald's in 8+ years, I don't drink Starbucks, I won't purchase diamonds (even my engagement ring is not made from diamonds). But this is not something that boycotting Mattel alone would solve. It's a problem with the lack of government regulation over businesses both functioning at home and abroad. There are many more companies screwing up than Mattel (look at Purina and almost all of the dog and cat food companies who were in trouble not too long ago). What needs to be done is that we write to our legislators informing that they need to implement stricter inspections and regulations and we need to vote out Big Business apologists and supporters.


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