Thursday, September 06, 2007

what part of 411 against 3 doesn't Bush get?

as I sat in a hugh traffic jam this morning I was listening to the local talk radio discuss the idea that Mexican trucks will soon be allowed on our highways.....

now I thought back when the vote was taken and 411 representatives said NO and only 3 said yes (who were those morons?) that this was a dead issue, but NOOOOOOO....its still alive and well

and while I watched big trucks in the traffic around me weave in and out of lanes and cut people off, I marveled at what a "joy" it will be to have all those new trucks on our highways without the safety inspections for drivers or trucks that we have, not to mention that they are not require to keep log books like US drivers, and who knows how many hours they'll be driving.

its like alot of things now days, its all about getting the labor cheaper -- why pay a U.S. driver 40 cents a mile when they can hire someone that will do it for 12 cents?

and what is the origin of all this coming chaos? NAFTA---yes, be sure and write to former PResident CLINTON and tell him thanks a lot for getting us into this mess by signing that travisty and selling us all down the river....(in case you wondered why I'm not a big Hillary fan, this is one reason)

For those of you that remember the old song Convoy you may enjoy listening to an updated version here (under Convoy Mexico Parody at the bottom of the page).



At 5:28 AM, Blogger Life&Times said...

While I agree that there are important safety issues at risk here, I'm not sure you should be judging Hillary on her husband's former policies. Even if she agreed with him 8+ years ago, it doesn't mean she does so now, and that's not to say she agreed with him in the first place!

At 12:44 PM, Blogger lobstah said...

Although I would take either Clinton over our current "president" any day, I have to agree that NAFTA seems have crappier and crappier results for the common people as time goes on.
I do think that Hillary's policies and worldview are quite similar to her husbands!


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