Wednesday, May 30, 2007

something blue!

While I'm working away on a definately GRAY sweater for my daughter, I did knit this afghan square (and several others in various colors) to contribute to a group called
Close Knit Hugs which all of you probably already know about (if not, go check them out!).

Anyway, I'm especially touched that some of the afghans from this group will be going to some of those little towns in Kansas that have been nearly wiped off the map. We drove through that area of Kansas a few years ago on our way from Springfield, MO, to Denver, with a little side trip to Kinsley, KS, where my dad's aunt (nearly 100 years old) lived. I wonder how much of this area will just die away now that it has been so destroyed.

On another track of thought, I'm totally disgusted with the Democrats and the way that some of them voted on the war funding. Biden has now totally ruled himself out of my consideration, and Hillary was a complete coward .... funny how she wasn't in the room when the "C's" of the roll were called ... so essentially her vote had no impact whatever except to look good least Obama voted at the right time and the right way (IMHO), its not his fault his name starts with an "O"!

I'm already good and sick of the whole process, 2009 can't come soon enough!


At 4:48 AM, Blogger Maggie said...

Thanks for the plug for Close Knit Hugs--with the Gulf Coast not as much in the news, we forget authorities have said it will take ten years to rebuild and there are still families in trailers. As for Kansas, some of our first contribrutors after the hurricane were from Kansas, and our group formed to helped natural disasters, so. . .it seemed a perfect place for your work. And as this is a forum for democrats who are knitters. . .well I was moved by the governor of Kansas's comments in the aftermath of the tornados. Clean up was slowed down because the Kansas National Guards vehicles and personnel were elsewhere.


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