Saturday, May 05, 2007

Blue Fisherman

I've finally started a major blue project. It's a Dutch Fisherman's sweater from this book, in KnitPicks' Wool of the Andes in Sapphire Heather.

I can't get enough of this color! But so far the all-over knits and purls pattern is making the sweater crimp up and look like a very sillly lump. I'm assuming blocking (and wearing - it's meant to be fairly close-fitting-ish on my husband) will solve this. Plowing ahead.

Here's a tiny part stretched out so you can almost see that there's a zig-zag pattern developing there.

You know, I'm so happy that more and more scandals are coming to light everyday, and that more people are paying attention to them than they used to, and that Bush's approval ratings are so low....but, well, part of me thinks it's just a bandwagon thing because he's safe to hate now that he's a lame-duck, and more than anything else, I'm wondering why they haven't been impeached and jailed yet??!!!!!!


At 2:36 PM, Blogger EnnaVic said...

Oh oh oh! One of my very favourite knitting books. Which village jumper are you knitting?

I have jerseys planned for all 3 of my little Dutch kids - and have found the wool I want to use for at least one (a gorgeous tweedy blue by Naturally, as it is a NZ wool and I try and use them when I can -global footprint and all :) ). We don't have a pattern for a village that is relevant and one grandparent is from Delft which is inland, but the other is from one of the small islands of Suid-Holland so I am planning to use elements from the ones they have from around there.

Yours looks great so far - I'm sure it will block out ok.

Also - I agree about the scandals thing from way over here - they managed to 'get' Clinton for something peripheral, it seems to me that some of the things happening now are much much much more serious as they are related to governance rather than personal morals.

At 6:30 PM, Blogger Kate A. said...

Oh! oh! I thought I was the only one who had that book! Maybe it's just those of us who are actually Dutch...I'm making Pernis right now (pretty much as shown in the book, though without the tassles around the neck!), and I already made a sweater based on the last example from Bunschoten-Spakenburg, for my (Dutch) mom, out of a Norwegian wool in black. My family (though in my case it goes about 5 or 6 generations back) were mostly inland, too - in Friesland and Groningen. The only village that I ever had family in that's on the map in the book is Terschelling, but there are no patterns from there listed, so I felt free to pick and choose which ones I liked best. My first attempt from this book was a very small child's sweater in mint-green chenille in the Moddergat/Paesens pattern for my niece, but the chenille was really wormy and I was never happy with the result.

At 6:21 AM, Blogger lobstah said...

What a gorgeous color! And yes, on the second half of the post seeing these people go down in flames but wish we could get rid of them altogether!

At 10:54 PM, Blogger EnnaVic said...

I was really lucky - the area we live in in NZ happens to have been more housing developed in the 1950's and 1960's at about the same time a lot of people came here from the Netherlands so a lot of Dutch people lived and raised families here. Our library had 2 copies of that book on their shelves whch I kept getting out - and a couple of years ago they had a big sale of withdrawn books and I couldn't believe my eyes when I found a copy (out of 1000's of books whcih were all jumbled together - needle in a haystack stuff) - so I got ot for about NZ$1 and I treasure it. It has so many ideas for patterns and I love the way she wrote it with the villages and old photos and history by the patterns. I actually did a rave of it on my website a few weeks back.

The one I intend to use as my base is Ouddorp - but I may pattern the bottom part a bit as well and I will do a plain neck as my son has an aversion to buttons on tops (part of his Asperger's I think - at one stage when he was about 3 he wouldn't wear standard flannel pyjamas with button tops).

Sorry to get a bit off topic - I was so surprised to see that book! I found your blog and have subbed to it so hopefully I can watch your sweater grow.

At 11:25 PM, Blogger EnnaVic said...

And gosh I should have proofed that before I posted it! Blergle splat!

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Marianne said...

That Sapphire Heather is SO gorgeous!

Kate, I've been wondering why Bush and his minions haven't been impeached for....well, 6 years, yeah, I know, well before he 'took' his second term, why oh why indeed!
Seriously, it just makes me cranky and pissy batshit crazy...heh, would you like to know how I really feel about it all? argh.
I think Bill helps enormously with the humour, he's been in rare form the past few weeks.


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