Monday, May 21, 2007

On non-blue knitting and the "Christian" right

Just thought I'd take a break from the other work I'm doing this morning and make a comment or two here.

Unfortunately, I'm not knitting anything blue right now. I am working on a sweater for my daugher, but its definately gray....perhaps some new blue hotpads will be in the works soon, but they probably won't be knit....{sigh!}...oh well, on the knitting front I'm here in spirit!!

As for Falwell, I think he "passed the torch" to Ted Haggart -- and we know how that turned out!

Even so, Dobson has definately taken control of this whole movement. Whenever any Republican of note comes to our neck of the woods, the stop at Focus on the Family appears to be manditory. (When Bush was here a couple of years ago they tied up traffic on our highway and local streets for HOURS so Bush could go get his marching orders).

What is happening with this group is anything but Christian in spirit. Unfortunately its not too far off of the taliban style --- you'd better be doing what they want you to do if you want to survive.

This kind of "religion" should definately NOT be part of our politics!


At 12:52 PM, Blogger Kate A. said...

Couldn't agree more - or is it that I could agree still more - I don't think this so-called religion aka senseless zealotry should be part of any civilized society in any way, never mind politics!

It makes me think, though, of something said by either Bill Maher or one of his guests on a recent show, that we should actually stop and appreciate the fact that religion is actually further removed from government here than almost anywhere else in the industrialized world. Which is true. But, having lived in a European country with an official state religion, I can say that in most of Europe at least state "religion" is (almost always) this incredibly benign, half-forgotten thing that almost everybody ignores. We need to fight for our separation between church and state because we happen to be home to some of the most insane religious maniacs on the planet, and for some reason we seem to be very susceptible to this quasi-religious messianism....

At 6:38 AM, Blogger Purl Girl said...

I agree. I like reading your blog...


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