Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Politics-- just blue knitting

I'm gearing up for the height of the political season when I return home (I'm still out of the country for research-- 6 mos on the road will be more than enough for me for some time!). I'm currently knitting some blue socks to keep my tootsies warm during the winter battles:

Pattern: Lady Eleanor from Socktopia

Yarn: Koigu PPPM (yummy) bought from Purl SoHo when I was in NYC a couple of months ago. It took me forever to find a sock pattern I liked with this color-- I even got most of the way through the leg of the Lombard St. sock and frogged it (Boston street names and NY yarn don't go together-- I should have known better!).

When I get home in 3 weeks (hooray) I also have a box full of blue Rowan Denim yarn for an EZ Seamless Hyrbid for my dear husband. So there will be plenty of blue knitting in my house for the next couple of months!

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Are we sick of politics yet?

Seems its been rather quiet on the political front here on Knit Blue for a while which puts me to wondering if we have all gotten numb because the campaigning seems to have been going on forever (already!) and we're still a year away (almost to the day!) and because they're all starting to look alike.....

I have to say that may be true in my case -- although I was delighted to see the first ever over ride of a Bush veto -- maybe there is some hope for this congress after all -- or not --- the verdict is still out

Meantime, if you want to "feel the burn" again, use this link to read -- or better yet, listen, to Olbermann's special comment on waterboarding, the attorney general candidate and the coverup of the Bush administration's criminality.

Hang in there folks, 2008 is only 2 months away...........