Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

And when I say that, its true!!

The cuffs (and about 2 inches above them) have been successfully picked out and the new, tighter cuffs put in.

Aside from that awful "Oh no, I'm CUTTING my knitting" moment, it all went well, the DH is delighted and now I can get back to the 7 other projects I have on the needles!

Oh yeah, and I learned something new -- on the whole a very satisfying experience.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Putting our money where our mouths are

I came across this wonderful information source when doing some "catch-up" reading of a newly discovered (for me) knitting blog, kmkat and her needles. This knitter and CPA has taken a wealth of information from the former (and soon to be current!), creating these wonderful spreadsheets of corporations and the political parties to which they donate. I know that some of my spending habits will be changing!

Re-knitting blues

A while back I made my husband this lovely blue sweater.

Yesterday as I was folding the laundry and getting ready to put it back into the drawer he said "can you make those cuffs shorter and a little tighter?"

Ok....let me I have ANY idea where this pattern might be -- nope
do I have ANY of this yarn left over -- nope

And here's the tricky part -- the sleeves were knit from the shoulder down -- making them longer would be a snap -- shorter? not so much

Ah well, we need a knitting challenge every now and then, don't we?

So, here in the picture I have run one of my shorter circular needles through a row (hopefully evenly) in preparation for cutting (CUTTING!!!!) into my knitting

I can report (but not show, the batteries in my camera died at an inopportune moment) that the cutting, while tramatic, was successful, and I have begun the reknitting.....

I'll keep y'all posted

Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore's Reward

I woke this morning hearing the news announce that Al Gore had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Awesome.

The book is absolutely amazing, the message is something we should all be trying to do something about.

But consider this -- its the PEACE prize.

How much more peace would there be if he had not had the presidency stolen from him? How much better might all our lives be?

Of course we can not really know the answer to that, but I believe he would have had better sense than to take us into Iraq.

just sayin'......