Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who ARE these people?

Anyone else watch Obama's speech last night and become overly distracted by the three guys wearing Abercrombi & Fitch T-shirts right behind him? It was so odd, and today there are theories all over the Internet ranging from a marketing ploy perpetrated by the clothing company to the Obama campaign's bid to win the gay vote.

So bizarre.

actual blue knitting!

I know my usual posting here is of the political type, but just now I'm having "election fatigue"!

I have been knitting in blue however.

Thanks to a very generous sister, I have wool yarn to make up into things that are going to a couple of charities.

this cute little sweater vest will be going to Warm Woolies, a charity group that sends wool vests and hats and socks to kids in cold places, especially orphanages and Indian reservations

this was my first sweater vest (I've made several hats, just none of them blue!)

and these (from the same yarn) are for a challenge that Ann over at Sheep Shots is running. If you go to her post for March 23, 2008, she explains the "Mittnz Roolz", and this has been a lot of fun too

Happy knittin' y'all