Monday, June 25, 2007


Just to spread the word (because I was wondering and looked it up) here's all the scheduled Democratic debates:

June 28th at Howard University hosted and broadcast on PBS at 9pm

And these are from wikipedia:
July 23, 2007 - Charleston, South Carolina

CNN will hold this debate, which will have a simulcast on CNN en EspaƱol. Internet services You Tube and Google will also participate, allowing them to stream the event live and have clips for future use.[12] Individual voters will be able to send their videos via You Tube and their questions through Google and; the debate will be moderated by Anderson Cooper of Anderson Cooper 360. The debate is to be located on the campus of The Citadel.

[edit] August 19, 2007 - Des Moines, Iowa

ABC News in conjunction with the Iowa Democratic Party announced a debate streamed on This Week moderated by George Stephanopoulos.[13]

[edit] September 26, 2007 - Hanover, New Hampshire

NBC News announced a debate to be streamed live on MSNBC. The debate is also in conjunction with New England Cable News and New Hampshire Public Radio. The debates will be at Dartmouth College.[14]

[edit] October 30, 2007 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NBC News announced a debate to be streamed live on MSNBC.[15]

[edit] November 15, 2007 - Las Vegas, Nevada

The Nevada Democratic Party will host a Democratic debate to be aired on CNN. Potential moderators are Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper.[16]

[edit] December 10, 2007 - Los Angeles, California

CBS announced a debate in conjunction with the California Democratic Party; potential moderators are Bob Schieffer and Katie Couric.[17]

[edit] January 6, 2008 - Johnson County, Iowa

The Des Moines Register and Iowa Public Television will host a Democratic debate in Johnson County, Iowa.[18]

[edit] January 15, 2008 - Las Vegas, Nevada

The Caucus of African-American Nevadans and Impacto will host a Democratic debate in Las Vegas.[18]

[edit] January 31, 2008 - California

The Los Angeles Times and CNN will host a Democratic debate in California.[18]

court decisions

I'm sure I am not alone on this blog in feeling disappointed in today's Supreme Court rulings. The one bright spot: hearing Very Serious Newscasters say "bong hits for Jesus" all day long. Gotta look on the bright side.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Ok, I have been terribly remiss in posting my blue projects, and will get to that in the next few days.

But 2008 is revving up fastly and furiously everywhere you look (XM Radio--a POTUS '08 channel, really?), so I want to announce a contest.

Submit to me via email your guess for who will be the Republican and Democrat nominees. This contest will obviosuly be open for quite some time, so think carefully about when you want to submit your answers.

As we get closer to the primaries, I will announce a cut-off date. However, bouns points will be awarded to those who guess early and end up being right.

If more than one person correctly guesses both nominees, the one who guessed correctly the earliest will win.

You an submit guesses for one or both parties. Prizes will be a skein of reddish sock yarn for the Republican side and a skein of blue-ish sock yarn for the Democrat winner.

I just made this contest up off the top of my head and have had a glass of white wine, so if something doesn't make sense, let me know, and I will clarify the guidelines accordingly.

Wound and Ready...

Noro Lotus
A new blue knit is officially in the works :)

The yarn is discontinued, Noro Lotus in mostly blue hues. As you can glimpse, there is also some green and purple - I find the colorway very soothing to work - watching the colors unwind out of the balls and convert into knitting has kept me calm while watching various shows like Frontline or the McLaughlin group on PBS...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

knitting "blue"

i've been knitting bookmarks lately. they're fun, easy and good for almost instant gratification, which is definitely my cuppa tea. check it out:

i have another blue bookmark on the needles and will post pics as soon as it's finished. which might happen yet today. i'll be knitting in between baking batches of chocolate chip cookies for my dad.

happy saturday, everyone.


Monday, June 04, 2007


Did anyone see the debate last night? I don't have cable and I really wanted to check it out.

Sorry I'm not knitting anything blue right now! I have a pink blanket and some socks on the needles. I do have a blue shrug in the queue!


Sunday, June 03, 2007

go figure!

i finished a blue bookmark today. cast on 20 (fingering weight yarn on US2 needles), knit for like 6 inches or so then decrease as you would if you were making one of those diagonal dishcloths ( bind off, add a tassel and ta-da! a quick, easy bookmark.

only problem: i forgot to take a pic before i gave it away. and i got a new (to me) digital camera today. DUH!!

the good thing is that i have another blue one on the needles, in a lovely lacy pattern. so as soon as i 1) get some more knitted so you can actually see the pattern and 2) learn how to download pics from the camera to my 'puter, i'll be posting a picture of the lacy blue loveliness.

happy sunday, er, monday, or whatever day it is.

maybe that's my clue to go to bed.