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Just to spread the word (because I was wondering and looked it up) here's all the scheduled Democratic debates:

June 28th at Howard University hosted and broadcast on PBS at 9pm

And these are from wikipedia:
July 23, 2007 - Charleston, South Carolina

CNN will hold this debate, which will have a simulcast on CNN en EspaƱol. Internet services You Tube and Google will also participate, allowing them to stream the event live and have clips for future use.[12] Individual voters will be able to send their videos via You Tube and their questions through Google and; the debate will be moderated by Anderson Cooper of Anderson Cooper 360. The debate is to be located on the campus of The Citadel.

[edit] August 19, 2007 - Des Moines, Iowa

ABC News in conjunction with the Iowa Democratic Party announced a debate streamed on This Week moderated by George Stephanopoulos.[13]

[edit] September 26, 2007 - Hanover, New Hampshire

NBC News announced a debate to be streamed live on MSNBC. The debate is also in conjunction with New England Cable News and New Hampshire Public Radio. The debates will be at Dartmouth College.[14]

[edit] October 30, 2007 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NBC News announced a debate to be streamed live on MSNBC.[15]

[edit] November 15, 2007 - Las Vegas, Nevada

The Nevada Democratic Party will host a Democratic debate to be aired on CNN. Potential moderators are Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper.[16]

[edit] December 10, 2007 - Los Angeles, California

CBS announced a debate in conjunction with the California Democratic Party; potential moderators are Bob Schieffer and Katie Couric.[17]

[edit] January 6, 2008 - Johnson County, Iowa

The Des Moines Register and Iowa Public Television will host a Democratic debate in Johnson County, Iowa.[18]

[edit] January 15, 2008 - Las Vegas, Nevada

The Caucus of African-American Nevadans and Impacto will host a Democratic debate in Las Vegas.[18]

[edit] January 31, 2008 - California

The Los Angeles Times and CNN will host a Democratic debate in California.[18]


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