Thursday, November 16, 2006

For Your Listening Pleasure

Ooh, remembered something I'd meant to put in my previous post but forgot.

Because of the recent election (and sudden onset of Hope after a long dry spell), I've been listening to political stuff again while I knit, in addition to my usual Cast-On, Lime and Violet (hi, Miss Lime!), LibriVox and PotterCast. I don't get TV (though I can play DVDs), so I get most of my news online, but I only recently discovered that I could also get Bill Maher's HBO show (just the audio, and a little after the fact) for free via an I-Tunes podcast, and I can see all the best parts of Jon Stewart's Daily Show on You Tube. I thought others might be interested, especially those who are without cable, and therefore without the only serious source for TV news (yes, I speak of the Daily Show and Bill Maher - no other show qualifies as serious news in my not-so-humble opinion =] ). I've gotten tons of knitting done while keeping my sanity during the buildup to the election by listening to Stewart and Maher in heavy quantities.

Warning: please note that your gauge can change wildly if you knit while thinking about politics!


At 3:29 PM, Blogger Marianne said...

Yes, we, DH and I, are faithful watchers of Jon and Bill, wouldn't miss them, we have cable as DH wouldn't know what to do with himself:)
and the gauge changes? ain't it the truth!


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