Sunday, March 04, 2007

Is it a cop out to Knit Blue if its been sitting on sticks for a year?

Heehee, I have this blue k1, p1 ribbed scarf that has sat on sticks for about a year. I always meant to finish it, and use it as sort of my everyday scarf since it would go with jeans and stuff BUT I just never seemed to get back to it. Until a couple days ago, I picked it up and brought to work to knit on my breaks. I finished it this weekend but I do plan on knitting something "Vote Hillary"-esque later as well but I had to get started on SOMETHING for the blog. Here it is, a simple thing but at least its blue.

Blue Scarf for Knit Blue KAL
A pic with some mystery.

Blue Scarf for Knit Blue KAL
My little Revan hiding behind the project.


At 7:17 AM, Blogger the nut said...

I hope not because I finally finished Lady Eleanor in Noro Silk Garden which has some blues (along with reds, greens, purples and sort of browns) in it and I started it when the weather was warm. ;)


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