Monday, January 01, 2007

Wrist Warmers

(do you like how I hid the fact that I need a manicure?)

My wristwarmers were finished a couple of weeks ago and I just got around to finishing them up. I am unhappy with them (should have gone down a needle size or three) but they'll do the job. In the end, I didn't go w/ a pattern just knit a tube w/ a thumbhole, which is probably the problem--whenever I go off on my own things go horribly awry.
I am very happy with the yarn I used--Knitpicks Essential Solid, in the Gulfstream color. I think I might use it for socks/other crap in the future

Now what shall I knit? Socks? Ok!


At 5:41 AM, Blogger Marianne said...

They look great from where I'm sitting and they're keeping your wrists,hands warm....well, YAY!


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